Monday, April 12, 2010

CupcakeCamp Seattle!

*drum roll please*

Captivating Creations placed 2nd in CupcakeCamp Seattle's Best Seattle Themed Competition!

CupcakeCamp Seattle was a great experience - it all came together and so much support was shown from the public! About 800 people from around the Seattle area showed up and enjoyed cupcakes! There was cupcakes galore - over 5,000 donated! Not to mention all the proceeds went to The Hope Heart Institute - a non-profit that researches/provides info about heart disease! I also heard that over $5,000 was raised - $1 for each cupcake!

I was able to take a lot of pictures, which you can see below! For more pictures, check out my facebook fan page.

Shout out to this "cupcake" (above) that was entered into the Best Seattle Theme - seriously!? Best.idea.ever. I love it. In case you can't read it, the caption reads: "The unhappy hipster cupcake did not enter himself into the competition. He thinks cupcakes are SO three years ago. He left about twenty minutes ago to listen to She and Him on vinyl."

Let me know if any of you guys made it out to the event! If you did, let me know what you think :)


  1. YAY! The unhappy hipster was ours!
    I love that people thought it was as funny as i did!
    The rocket queen (Jessica)

  2. That is awesome! I loved the Unhappy Hipster :)